Foundation of Hope provides grants to registered charities in Canada. As a registered charity, FOH must work in this capacity to realize a Vision that will help build strong communities of support and integration for LGBT+ Newcomers in Canada:

  • Financially assist LGBT+ people under persecution to gain asylum as Refugees in safe countries, such as Canada, through the Sponsorship stream of grant funding; and
  • Financially assist LGBT+ people under persecution to become integrated into Canadian life as Newcomers through the Community Services stream of grant funding.

Grant funding streams comprise the following:

  • Sponsorship grants to Registered Charities that facilitate settlement groups to sponsor LGBT+ Refugees:
    • Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH),
    • Constituency Groups (CG) existing as, or in partnership with Canadian registered charities,
    • Urgent services related to sponsorship that involve LGBT+ Asylum Seekers and Refugees through registered charities in Canada.
  • Community Services grants to Registered Charities that provide Newcomers resettlement services for LGBT+ individuals, including but not necessary limited to:
    • Non-government funded health services,
    • Educational services to enhance settlement and integration,
    • Counselling and mental health services,
    • Social services, and
    • Secure housing.

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